7 Tips To Moving Your Business Online

Is the COVID pandemic affected your business BADLY? Here are tips to moving your business online:

Plan on products that you like to sell online

You have a billion ideas in mind, thousand products to sells!

Pick a few of your popular products to start, slowly adding more products while you’ve gained more experience.

Know the supply chain

Our statistic shows that food delivery within 1 hour, electronic gadgets from a day till a week. Choose a reliable supply chain footprint is important. Here are a few popular courier services such as Grab, Ninja, SingPost and Qxpress.

Start simple!

Do not spend huge money building your full suite e-commerce site at the start. Almost all online seller reach at least 55 percent or more in the marketplace than their dot-com sites. Start with a popular marketplace such as Amazon, Lazada and Shopee.

Craving of performance measure

Online conversion is the art on science game, no 100% guaranty conversion. All marketplace come with useful performance metrics, its help you in planning your marketing strategy. Get customer review! The most valuable feedback from your customer.

Be Transparent

The newborn World’s richest man Elon Musk is asking people to switch to Signal over WhatsApp due to a change of their policy due to privacy concerns. Make a clear message on the products that you sell.

Use Social Media

Social Media an always win weapon for business! Create your Facebook, IG and Twitter. Plan your post by sharing your business, products and recent activities.

Level up your online store

You have done a good job, time to build your branding? Choosing the right e-commerce technology is a critical decision. Once you have decided, you will stick with it for a long time. Are you having a problem with choosing the right technology? Talk to our expert on choosing your right e-commerce solution.