We are Dee Team

We are an aspiring team who keep pursuing to supersede ourselves in our skill sets and know-how to deliver the best to our clients.

Our expertise in technologies and our acute senses fuses together in the most marvellous ways to elevate clients’ branding and sales.

We believe in delivering tailor-made products to our clients as every unique business requires a different spotlight to shine. With our innovative ideas and passion in our work, we foster an unparalleled relationship and deliver with pride.

Our Achievements

It Solutions

Project Managed & Built

Portal & CMS

Designed & Delivered


Conceptualised & Designed

Meet the Team

William - You know it's time for a holiday, when you start looking like the person on your IC.


Angela - Magic is believing in yourself.


Weileong - Bringing your online vision to life, pixel by pixel.


Su Fen - A human calculator fuelled by coffee that tends to depreciate over time.


CJ - up up down down left right left right select start.

Design Head


Max - Making the complex simple and the simple compelling

Senior UI Designer

EK - No Regrets.

Project Manager

Fion - There is no perfect words to describe myself. eh brxuvhoi.

Assistant Project Manager

CT - There is no Ctrl-Z in life.

Full Stack Developer

Max - Likes to use Aloha to debug a program.

Full Stack Developer

JW - 0.1 + 0.2 is not equal 0.3.

Full Stack Developer

ZN - Remember that you are always a beautiful cup of tea to somebody (✿≧∇≦)ノ♡`

Full Stack Developer



Full Stack Developer