The 6 Most Effective Ways To Drive Sales With Social Media

Social media is not just about brand awareness.

When done right, it drives sales for your business.

You have been using social media to engage with fans and grow your brand. But you want to start using the right channel to make more sales. That is an excellent idea. We found these guidelines to get revenue from social media to generate a solid ROI.

1. Be Where Your Audience Is

The first rule of social media marketing is to figure out where your target customers are spending their time online and use the same channel to target them.

A best practice for making the most of your time is concentrating on a few key platforms, rather than using up precious resources building multiple accounts.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for discovering where your target audience is most active and provides crucial information about your website activity.

For example, you may be going through a rebrand and selling to moms for the first time, so that you can try to boost your online presence where they spend time. Once you know who buys your products/services (or who you want to become a buyer), you should also know which platforms they use.

2. Create Engaging Content but Not Salesy or Pushy

When you are creating content, must consider that social channels are not mainly for buying or selling. Most people are more virtual socialization, so the best bet for getting people to BUY is to provide them with engaging and valuable content that makes them want to become your customer.

Here are a few suggestions for posts that achieve a good balance between salesy and helpful:

  • Share user-generated content, promote your products using real people
  • Post pictures and videos that include recipes/tips for using your products
  • Share images of prospects using or engaging with your products

A good example posts from showing the real user taking the actual product photo using EcoHusk Lunchbox to take away from the neighbourhood hawker centre during the Singapore circuit breaker period. To encourage bring your own container and to stay safe & clean.

3. Work with Social Influencer or Brands to Collaborate with

Always keep in mind that the goal here is to expand your reach and acquire new followers. To do that, you need to partner with a brand or influencer that will expose you to a new audience, but one who will care about your product or service.

For collaboration ideas on social media, think competitions and giveaways, hashtag challenges, or content collaborations — all of which are all fantastic ways your business can reach new audiences quickly and cost-effectively.

4. Make It Easy for People to Buy on Social Channels

Shoppable Posts on Instagram and Facebook can be used to tag your products or services, making it easier for people to make purchase decisions.

For example, you can display the price, description, and availability of a product. That way, people will not have to look anywhere else for the information.

It makes users shopping from Instagram or Facebook easier because they allow people to complete their purchases right on the platform.

They don’t have to visit the product page to complete a sale.

5. Make your Profile Is Business-Ready

To generate leads on social channels, you must connect your profile bio to a lead-generating landing page.

However, ensure your profile includes these major components:

  • Explain why visitors should pay attention to your business
  • Explain what you do and who you are
  • Ensure you upload a quality profile image

Most importantly, your bio must have a value-added proposition and Call-To-Action.

6. Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand Awareness

As a B2B professional connection-building platform, LinkedIn marketing objectives might look a little different than other social platforms.

While Instagram and Facebook tend to be more focused on fostering engagement and boosting brand awareness, LinkedIn is better suited for specific business-building goals that will vastly benefit your brand as you start to grow.


We are consolidated the most effective strategies for driving sales using different social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). As you can see, these tips mainly involve winning the trust of your target audience through other people – influencers and customers alike.

All these social media strategies aim at reducing friction and minimizing all the unnecessary steps that might hinder interested customers from buying.

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