Six Logistics Tips For Your Online Business

Do you want to move your business online but are unsure of how to take care of the logistics? Here are some tips on how to help your physical supply chain can keep up with your online store, as online sales happen 24/7, and not just during the usual business hours.

  1. Stock and inventory
    Should your online and physical store have a shared or separate inventory?
  2. Inventory management system
    Have accurate real time stock levels to prevent overselling.
  3. Ordering More stock
    Notification to order more stock from suppliers when a threshold is reached.
  4. Accuracy of packaged orders before shipment.
    Have standard operating procedures for your fulfilment team.
  5. Shipping time and costs
    Should you use a third-party logistics provider, or your own fulfilment services?
  6. Ensure that your customer receives their order in the time specified.
    Is there a way for customers to track their order?

When you have happy customers, your store’s presence will grow through word of mouth and good reviews. This in turn will increase sales, profits, brand awareness, customer relations and business scalability.

Still have questions? Talk to our expert on setting up an online store with an inventory management system for your business!