Website Development

Golden Point Award Microsite
Art House Limited

The Project

The Golden Point Award (GPA) is Singapore’s premiere creative writing competition for unpublished short stories and poetry in the nation’s four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. One of the main requirements from GPA was for to develop and configure microsite that can host multiple languages from English, Malay,  Chinese. and Tamil. Overall, what GPA seeks is to have a user-friendly, accessible, and efficient online platform that meets the specific needs of the submission process.

The Outcome

To meet their requirements and request, a language switcher allows the user to choose their preferred language and also user friendly and formal interface which reflects to prestige image of GPA. Optimisation has also been made to the microsite for it to be mobile friendly for visitors on-the-go. In order to cater to their high volume of submission from participants, we included a complex GPA form with high load management for concurrent access and submission for a smooth submission process.