IT Solutions

Access Control System
BigTree Entertainment

The Project

Bigtree Entertainment is India’s premier comprehensive entertainment ticketing applications and analysis solutions provider. One of our strength in the market is also as an IT solutions provider for turnkey solutions to our clients. For BMS, we conceptualise the Access Control System (ACS) with the business cases and requirements. The project includes, benchmarking and optimisation for the system to handle large concurrent usage and data volumes.

The Outcome

Our Access Control System (ACS) is developed as a standalone system which can operates separately or to be part of the complete eco-system to be integrated with the ticketing system. One of the business requirement was to standardize our user interface using the same design framework as the ticketing system for maintainability and scalability. Our complex rule engine is designed to handle rules for different types of events, especially for theme parks with complex requirements & usage, while also allowing for flexibility to extend in future requirements.