What Is Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing?

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a form of digital marketing strategy that businesses implement to promote products to a list of potential customers (who are opted-in) via email.

If you do a bit of research around EDM marketing, you’ll notice they often talk about batch and blast. Traditionally, as the names suggest, an email blast means sending a single email to your entire database irrespective of the customer’s preference or interests.

At Deegix, our prospecting emails are personalized on a one-to-one level, and as far as the marketers are concerned, it’s the only way to send effective emails.

EDM Marketing Campaign Benefits

While a lot of the benefits of using EDM marketing are similar to those you get when using email marketing, the main difference is that multi-channel targeted campaigns generally show better results than standard email marketing campaigns

  • Saves time and costs
  • Builds trust and increases conversions
  • Enables advanced personalization

How to build the best EDM Campaign

EDM marketing is a process of sending promotional emails to generate sales and leads. The main objective of EDM marketing is to develop a good relationship with your existing customers.

  1. Build your client database
    A good EDM campaign needs to be targeted which means your promotional EDMs need to be sent only to people that are interested in your business or have already bought from your business.
  2. Choose your email marketing automation platform
    Choosing a good marketing automation platform can make or break your EDM campaign’s performance.
  3. Build your email template
    Your EDM templates should be designed following your business brand style guidelines and look consistent with your other creative assets. They also should be easy to read and update – make sure your email automation platform has a good email editor or alternatively use a separate email builder platform.
  4. Create a good email subject line
    Your EDM subject line will define your email open rate. Short, straight to the point, personalised subject lines perform the best.
  5. Set up your EDM campaign goal
    Before you start writing your email copy, set up a clear campaign goal – define what would you like your target audience to do when they receive your email.
  6. Write engaging email copy
    Make sure you understand your target audience and use the tone of voice that will resonate with them. Your first email sentence/paragraph is very important because it will define whether your customers will continue reading your email.
  7. Build a good landing page for your EDM
    Ensure your landing page content follows your EDM copy and offers more valuable details to your users.
  8. Choose the best time slot to send your EDM
    Before you schedule your EDM campaign, consider your audience demographic, their daily habits and schedule. Most marketers believe that the best days to send your EDMs would be Tuesday/Wednesday mid-morning.
  9. Test. Optimise. Repeat.
    Always test different versions of your EDMs. You should be testing different versions of your subject line, images, CTAs, designs and copy. A/B testing refers to the process of sending different versions of your EDMs to different segments of your database with the objective of working out what version performs the best.
  10. Assess your EDM campaign performance
    The final step – and the most important one – always check your EDM stats and leverage this data for your next campaign.

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